I am currently booked thru May of 2020. I will be accepting new projects in March for May thru July of 2020. Check with me for travel dates if you'd like to get in sooner.
I appreciate your patronage and will do my best to accomodate my current clientelle and then accept new projects. Thank you again for taking time to check out my work!

I usually schedule 2 appointments a day, beginning at Noon. the second around 4, 5 or 6pm. If its a Portrait or a pinup, that requires a completely open day. Consultations are typically done at 11 am or 8pm. Consultations are free. You may call the shop to set up a consultation after emailing me your idea so we know if its something I can accomplish. The shop # 313-388-8791

I require a $50 deposit for a single appointment, $100 for portraits, pinups or session work.

Spiritual and ceremonial tattoo and henna upon request. I would work with you, your Shaman/Coven/Spiritual advisor, etc. I do not guide ceremony but would be an implement of the process.